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Miller Farms Nursery

Call (225) 686-0414.
We Specialize in Hard to find Local, State, and Southern USA Trees, and carry a full line of all your common trees of the area as well as
a full line of Fruit and Citrus Trees.

Located at 13828 Florida Boulevard in the Town of Livingston, phone (225) 686-0414, between Miller-Doyle Inspection & Gordon's Florist, Miller Farms Nursery is your source in Louisiana for native Southern USA and Louisiana trees, cypress, elm, live oak, white oak, red oak, wild dogwood, ginkgo, red maple, black locust, pussy willow, eastern red cedar, possum haw vevurnum, mimosa, double bloom althea (Red, White & Pink) weeping willow, bottlebrush, beautyberry, river birch, tung oil, sassafras, green ash, sycamore, cottonwood, golden rain tree, yellow Popular (tulip) citrus (several different types of satsumas, lime, lemon, navel orange, sweet orange, and sweet & sour kumquat), olive, and fruit trees (may haw, elderberry, peach, plum, fig, apple, pear, mulberry, pawpaw, blueberry, peach, old time sugar cane, crab apples, pineapple quava, black walnut, wild plum, fuyu persimmon, wild persimmon, and nectarine).


OPEN 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. CLOSED on Saturdays and Sundays.

Call 225-686-0414 for more details.

Location and Driving Directions

We are conveniently located at 13828 Florida Blvd in the Town of Livingston, Louisiana (3 buildings west of the Red Light) - just a short drive away from Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Hammond and Ponchatoula. For a map and driving directions, visit Google Maps.

We are only 25 minutes east of the Mississippi River from Baton Rouge and 15 minutes west of Interstate 55 from Hammond, only 2 minutes from Interstate 12 (Exit 22) that connects Interstate 10 in Baton Rouge to Slidell.

Exit Interstate 12 heading North on Hwy 63, go 2 Miles and turn left onto Florida Boulevard (Hwy 190) and we are between the 2nd and 3rd building on the left.


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OPEN 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through and Friday.  CLOSED on Saturdays and Sundays.

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